Battleaxe – “Power From The Universe”


Battleaxe – “Power From The Universe” RE-ISSUE (Steamhammer / SPV)

Hailing from England’s north east, Battleaxe were another cult 80s NWOBHM band championed by Metallica in the same vein as Blitzkrieg and Savage from their debut “Burn This Town”. They too had similar styles melding metallic mayhem with equal amounts of unashamed melody in a metal world used to it up until that point. Released in 1984, “Power From The Universe” was their second album and saw a more mature approach being taken with the big league in mind given a Saxon support slot was already under their belt. In many ways they showcased a more melodic style to their Barnsley elders along with some boogie chucked in for good measure from Dave King’s highish melodic vocals to Steve Hardy’s raw metallic rock guitar as heard on the ripping ‘Chopper Attack’ to the almost Leppard-esque ‘Shout It Out’, complete with Joe Elliot yelps! Now re-released as a 30th anniversary edition “Power From The Universe” comes complete with 4 rare bonus tracks from the 1987 EP “Nightmare Zone” where new guitarist John Stormont offers some ripping lead work on the likes of ‘Killer Woman’ and ‘Radio Thunder’ both of which come across as a fired up cross between Saxon and Leppard! With the usual additional song liner notes and rare never seen before photos completing the celebration “Power From The Universe” takes you back to those early days, and for Battleaxe, who are still going in King and bassist Brian Smith, of chances that came and went.

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