Battlecross – “War Of Will”

Battlecross – “War Of Will” (Metal Blade Records)

This Detroit crew have been fast rising and it’s easy to see why with their brand of steamin’ but catchy n furious melodic death / thrash! From Gumby’s primordial roars / screams to the whirring tornado guitars of Tony Asta and Hiran Deraniyagala songs like ‘Force Fed Lies’, ‘Wage A War’ and ‘Beast’ will not just have you spinning in the circle pit but also in your head thanks to those catchy grooves! With just the right amount of guitar melody that owes as much to Slayer as it does to Maiden adding icing to their material, Battlecross’s music is without a doubt built for the live scene they have done an excellent job to capture that atmosphere on “War Of Will”. Drums on this album were provided by Shannon Lucas, whose relentless and inventive technical beats have been a mighty fine way to complement the rest of the band. Although Battlecross draw comparisons with the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder, I’m simply overwhelmed by their speed, technical capability and outright catchiness that owes as much to Pantera as it does to In Flames. All in all a devastating sophomore showing no let up in their assault – soldier on boys!

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