BATTLEGRAVE “Relics Of A Dead Earth”

“Relics Of A Dead Earth”

Battle Helm Rating

I gotta say that I appreciate it when I get informed about stuff that I would normally not hear of, simply because I have no idea it ever existed. Like this Australian deathrash band. Everything about this release screams as loud as it can, and that is even before I have started to play it. But it is just one of these releases that you know beforehand that you are either gonna love or just let pass by. If you like me are old and remember the 80s you are gonna find plenty of cool stuff on this one. If you are a bit younger you will still be able to enjoy this raw mix of death and thrash (deathrash). Simply because music is timeless. This works just as well for somebody like me that was blown away by Destruction and Kreator in the mid 80s as it does for somebody who have started at the other end and worked their way towards the good old 80s. This is bloody good. Anders Ekdahl

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