Beast In Black – “From Hell With Love”

Beast In Black – “From Hell With Love” (Nuclear Blast) 

Battle Helm Rating

Laugh as you may that Beast In Black has a male singer who sounds like a girl, there is no doubting that Anton Kabanen’s new band is nothing short of astounding. Taking in influences from dance rock to rock metal and melodic epic metal, “From Hell With Love” has lots of variety, with more keyboards featured in some songs, although heavier than on 2017’s debut “Berserker” during other numbers. But the incredible melodies and overwhelming passion throughout this sophomore make it a more than worthy follow up in any case! Yannis Papadopoulos has done nothing whatsoever to temper any views over his girlie voice and indeed, why should he when it works a treat over the 11 stellar tracks here where catchiness is the recurring theme time and again. With pretty much every song being a hit one way or another, it’s actually a challenge to chose any stand out tracks although the stirring ‘Repentless’ edged out with its double bass drumming, and spectacular vocal contrasts of tender soul and power screams all to an epic mix of guitar and background keyboard melodies bringing thoughts of a heady mix of Accept meeting Sabaton – while not forgetting Kabanen’s own spectacular guitar work. Pushing out even more overpowering epic melodies on ‘Heart Of Steel’, it unashamedly featured an 80s synth sound blended with Papadopoulos’s soul in its quieter moments, while offset brilliantly by heavy drums, bombastic warrior choirs and chest beating melodies with yet even more guitar god work from Kabanen, who provided hooks so large, not even a whale could break free! Closing with ‘No Surrender’, perhaps in a nod to Kabanen’s previous band given the Battle Beast sound of upbeat pop metal naturally featuring yet more massive hooks, screaming soul, catchy keyboards along with a few roars and heavy headbanging pieces, there was simply no way to resist Anton’s monster as it is a beast like no other! 

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