Just from reading the titles I fear that this is going to be some kind of Mr Bungle weird shit. I have a bloody hard time with humour in music. I can tolerate Tenacious D but I find Dethklok to be too much. Don’t even understand the cartoon Metalocalypse. For some reason I got the feeling that I’ve reviewed this album once before but as I’m listening to it I can’t seem to remember it. Kinda feels like Joey in Friends when he met a girl and followed her to her apartment and recognized it but not the girl because it was her roommate he slept with. BEATEN TO DEATH is the kind of grindcore/metal that I don’t like. This is too chaotic and unfocused for me. They are all over the place. But if you like stuff that is jazzy in its structure you’ll probably like this. I don’t. Anders Ekdahl

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