BEFOULED ”Refuse To Rot”

”Refuse To Rot”
(Great Dane Records)

Battle Helm Rating

With a name like BEFOULED I expect this to be at least a mega thrash-out. At best a really cool death metal assault. I know that I should not expect things based on a band name but when you have one like BEFOULED you ask for me making assumptions. I have to say that it did not meet any of my expectations. This is neither a thrash-out, nor is it a death metal assault. Instead it is some sort of thrash with death tendencies. They do blast a bit. In a way this made me think of Loudblast and even Mercyless. Two bands that I do like. And despite my initial disappointment I do like this. It is not the full on assault I had hoped for but I don’t mind really as this did turn out to be a nice record in the end. Anders Ekdahl

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