Begravningsentreprenörerna – “Jämna Plågor”

Begravningsentreprenörerna – “Jämna Plågor” (Ektro Records) 
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Holy f–k, is that really a band name??? Well, I guess if you’re a buncha Finns from a tiny island community in the Baltic Sea located between mainland Finland and Sweden, you might have your wires pretty crossed. So much so in fact, that as a Finn you’d be tempted to write and sing in Swedish ha ha! Well, that’s just the case with….here we go with that name…Begravningsentreprenörerna, which roughly translates to ‘undertaker’, fitting the band’s background in death and black metal. That said, this is a million miles from that…well, almost. This 4 piece are an adrenaline driven guitar band who blend the 70s inspired hard rock of The Darkness with the awesome rock n roll melodies of The Hellacopters and raw punk insanity of Turbonegro. Oh, and in there too are some early Iron Maiden melodies, the occasional spirit of Lynyrd Skynyrd and even the odd Rob Halford crescendo scream! It all makes for a straight from the heart release, actually the band’s debut, which impresses through its energy and soul, along with some very catchy compositions – even if you can’t understand the lyrics unless you’re a Swede or erm, a Finn that can understand Swedish! Led by Matti Jalava’s neurotic vocals and occasionally falsetto shrills along with his charged guitar which when added to by his sidekick John Finne produce a raw sound from which emerge a smörgåsbord of proto metal riffs, hard rock warbles, rock n roll crooning melodies, energetic scandi rock grooves and wild rock n roll leads on songs like, wait for it, ‘Jag har fått nog av dig’, ‘Det är bara i mitt huvud’ and ‘Anden i flaskan’. Highly entertaining in being different, quite whether this becomes an impediment going forward remains to be seen, but for now you can revel and bop to the 8 tracks here, even if you live on an island in the Baltic Sea.
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