BEGRIME EXEMIOUS “Visions Of The Scourge”

“Visions Of The Scourge”
(Dark Descent)
I have no idea where Dark Descent find all these bands that sound like they’ve been through a cement mixer before they end up on record. I like it. There is something to be said about music that sounds like it has no smooth edges. This Canadian troupe is about as raw as it gets without it ending up sounding like a blender gone mad. I love early VoiVod. “War And Pain” is one of my all time fave records. Begrime Exemious sound nothing like VoiVod yet it is the closest I get to comparing them to anybody. Maybe throw in some Slaughter too and you get the picture of what they sound like. Sick, basic and raw as hell metal on the edge of thrash and whatever. Anders Ekdahl

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