BE’LAKOR “Of Breath and Bone”

“of Breath And Bone”
Australian Be’Lakor might be hailed as the greatest thing in melodic death metal that Australia has to offer but that doesn’t really say too much to me as I have no clue what the melodeath scene in Australia is like. But seeing as it has been awhile since I received a melodeath album this might just be what I need right now to get my juices flowing. But then I hesitated when I saw the length of each individual track. Then I knew that this wasn’t going to be the next big thing to In Flames. And I was right. Don’t go expecting another In Flames wannabe. This has so much more in common with Dark Tranquillity and that branch of the Gothenburg death metal tree. There is a progressive touch to this that you’ll find in DT. For that Be’lakor should be praised. It adds a bonus to the sound. So don’t go expecting pop sensibility. But if you enjoy your melodeath with a bit more depth then this might just be what the doctor ordered. Anders Ekdahl

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