Belasco – “Transmuting”

Belasco – “Transmuting” (Maybe Records)

Belasco’s history reads like book: from getting signed by respected indie label Splendid/City Slang in 2001 just after their 2nd gig to debut album “Simplicity” being produced by Charlie Francis (REM), to playing the Isle Of Wight festival and sharing stages with PJ Harvey, Iggy Pop, and Patti Smith no less.The culmination to this meteoric rise was a signing to Mercury no less, but like a needle bouncing off a scratched record, it all came to a tangled end mired in legal issues. Plucky lads that they are though, the Belasco bullet train was still on course and has since been picking up speed again. “Transmuting” is indie rock par excellence, honed from that raw talent into headline professionalism up there with the best of ’em. I wouldn’t say that as individual musicians messrs Brownlow, Battye and Cartledge are demonic by any means, but as a unit they are formidable in their writing of songs like ‘Moves Like Water’, ‘Empire’ and ‘What Is It’ which are 100% pure indie rock. In them you will find the greatest of that genre from the Smashing Pumpkins to The Pixies to The Cult, reflecting passionate vocals, delicate off the wall melodies and a dark, brooding heaviness that build gradually in each song until irresistibly culminating in an outburst of pure emotion. Belasco don’t hold back, and neither should you.

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