BESIEGED “Victims Beyond All Help”

“Victims Beyond All Help”
When you consider the amount of bands that exist it is strange how few it is that really make it big. For every Metallica there are thousands of bands struggling. Some may even be better than Metallica ever been, yet they won’t even make it outta the garage. But it is the search for these bands that is the fun of doing this. BESIEGED sounds like a blast from the past. It is like hearing Kreator for the very first time listening to this album. This is pure German agro thrash from the 80s in sound. I can see before me albums by bands like Deathrow, Darkness, Assassin and a handful others when this one spins. This one turned out to be really cool. More of this kind of thrash and I’ll be a happy dude. Anders Ekdahl

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