BESTIA ARCANA “To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu”

“To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu”
(Daemon Worship)
I find it hard to slump together a whole continent’s black metal as one unit with no greater variants on the pallet. USBM seem to be a common denominator in describing a whole country’s collected black metal but within it lies a myriad of sub-genres all its own. Bestia Arcana might be a part of the USBM but trust me that is not the only truth. Bestia Arcana are cold and harsh, like a winter’s night in deepest Alaska. There’s nothing nice about “To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu”, no fancy keyboard arrangements or beautiful female vocals. This is black metal in its most primal form. If you like Dimmu Borgir you will most probably not like this album. This is music for those of us who fancy bands like Blasphemy, Beherit and all the other primal and primitive black metal bands out there. This is the most basic but that is also the charm of it. It’s a cathartic revelation listening to “To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu”. Anders Ekdahl

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