BESTIAL DEFORM “Together We Will Destroy The World”

“Together We Will Destroy The World”
(Symbol Of Domination Prod.)
BESTIAL DEFORM has a name that invokes images of the most brutal metal possible. I get vibes of some old school kinda thing. Perhaps even in the shape of some old school Bathory. But that is just my wish. Whatever this will be I’ll accept it. This is a rerelease of an album that I had no idea existed. So to me this is a brand spanking new record. This is chaotic to say the least. I can honestly say that this isn’t my kind of death metal. It is a bit too technical with too many tempo changes and that is more than my brain can handle. It isn’t bad in any way but it is just too much for me to take in larger doses. A song or two at a time is all I can handle but I accept the band’s intentions. This sounds like a chaotic Incantation. Anders Ekdahl

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