Betraeus – “Towards The Sun”

“Towards The Sun” EP
(Siege Of Amida)

Oh wow, British band Betraeus certainly have one of the most polarized sounds around. On the one hand, they have melded post prog modernist rock a la Opeth with dervish Sepultura riffs and deth vocals like on the powerful track to this EP. The brutality goes into full swing by Metallica like chundering riffs on ‘Frustrate Recluse’. The flip side is the tranquility of the acoustic ‘Blossom Into The Void’ complete with delicate harmony vocals. Rounding off the EP are 2 live tracks from the band’s Bloodstock appearance and a radio edit of the title track. Personally I think the band offer enough in terms of their heavier material but if the mellower stuff only serves to enhance their rep then more power to them!

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