“Breathe In Life”
I can honestly say that the more metalcore I hear the less I get it. In the end it all becomes too formulated for my taste. It’s all break downs, growl v/s clean vocals and what else. But then it is with metalcore as with all other music that becomes a trend. You gotta wade through the mud to find the pearls. I’m not saying that Betraying The Martyrs are a perfect gem but stood against all other hopefuls I’ve heard this pretty much stands out , simply because the band try so much harder to vary their sound in order for it to make for an interesting journey. What bugs me the most is the vocals. The screamy thing get tiresome real quick. I never have that problem with black metal or death metal but with metalcore the screaming becomes a burden. This makes the clean vocals a welcomed break from the norm. “Breathe In Life” proved to me that not all metalcore is bad. Anders Ekdahl

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