I don’t believe in the theory of ”it’s better not to say”. I believe that if you got something to tell you need to do so. There is an old Swedish saying that goes like “det är bättre att förekomma än att förekommas”. Which basically means that it is better to say it first than to have somebody else say it. That way you have your back free. But I guess there are some things BETTER LEFT UNSAID. Just hope it isn’t this band. I gotta say that I’m starting to be a bit fed up with the sound that BETTER LEFT UNSAID have. We’ve heard it for a good ten years now starting with In Flames and then been worked over by a whole host of metalcore acts. It is starting to feel a bit tired and old by now. Not that this lot are any worse than a whole host of other acts in the same league. It is the sound in general. But then there are tons of death metal acts sounding pretty much the same. So there goes that opinion out the window. This kinda impressed me. I like the fact that there is a heavy edge to the sound, I’m not gonna say Korn-ish, that adds to the charm of it. I can see myself listening to this again. Anders Ekdahl

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