Beyond Carnage – “Profane Sounds Of The Flesh”

Beyond Carnage – “Profane Sounds Of The Flesh” EP (Firecum Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot about this Portuguese death metal band – but after the release of this impressive EP, that may be about to change! Playing death very much in the old school style of Death, Six Feet Under and Bolt Thrower, the focus is on massive grim riffs played at crushing pace but equally subject to some speed runs. While that may be the story for thousands of bands over, Beyond Carnage have got it right on the 5 songs here, each and everyone reeking of foreboding but equally class to hit the senses just where it matters. Apparently they have gone through numerous line ups but here seem to have found their feet with this present 5 piece, with all the members delivering the goods be it through the tasty twin guitars of Luís Correia (My Deception) and Joao Amado (Gennoma) that shake and bake your soul through their quality riffing and nasty wailing solos, or João Colosso’s predatory vocals that lock into you and keep you mesmerised. As such, the material flows effortlessly, making for a great listen for anyone wanting to bask in the brilliant brutality of ‘R’lyeh, Mother of All Abominations’, ‘Infectious Parasitic Fungal God’ and ‘Curse Of The Burning Rain’. From composing to arrangements and execution, there’s clearly a fine job that’s been done here, making “Profane Sounds Of The Flesh” EP of the month! Definitely a band to watch out for, let’s hope we keeping hearing more from Beyond Carnage. 

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