BEYOND DESCRIPTION “An Elegy For Depletion”

”An Elegy For Depletion”
There is still something exotic to Japan even today, in this globalized world we live in. And although the Japanese society is opening up it is still a very closed off environment. One great way of learning more about Japan is to indulge in the music that comes from that country, like BEYOND DESCRIPTION. We often think of Japanese culture as offbeat and wacky but when you live in as strict society as the Japanese you need your outlet of self expression. BEYOND DESCRIPTION has a punky feel to their metal. This is thrash metal at the more hardcore end of the spectre. Not as extreme as grindcore but more extreme than what we usually hear in thrash. I’m a huge fan of D.R.I. and that whole crossover sound of the 80s. I find this to be rather refreshing in this day and age. Anders Ekdahl

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