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Battle Helm Rating

I can admit without any shame that I am not the greatest fan of black’n’roll. I never really got the hang of it when it first emerged back in the day. And to this day I still don’t fully get the reason behind playing black’n’roll. But I am no worse than I can admit to like it if it is done the right way, my right way. I am not too sure that German BEYOND HELVETE really is to my liking 100%. I might be simple but I really like my music at full speed. I could have something to do with my self-diagnosed ADD. If it is too slow I lose interest really quick. And then it becomes a stuggle to really get to grips with the music. But most often when I push myself to listen to stuff that isn’t played at lightning speed I do end up liking it. As is the case with this album. The more I time I spend on it the more I like what I hear. There is just one small thing that annoys the hell outta me, I cannot for the life of me remember what band BEYOND HELVETE reminds me of. Anders Ekdahl

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