“Dreaming Death”
This band I remember from a package that I was sent many years ago from Australia. If you browse the archive section of the site you might find a review of it. I can’t say that I remember too much of the music but I’m not the one to give up that easy. Aussie extreme metal has for a very long time been some of the best. Thing Destroyer 666, think Angel Of Death, think SlaughterLord. BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS are no exception. From the first note I was caught in the web that this band weaves. What I like about BMD is that they incorporate traditional heavy metal in their extreme metal sound. It makes for a change to actually hear a guitar solo or two. I never thought I’d miss solos but I do. As for the rest of this album. If you like acts like Incantation or any other heavy and murky death metal acts then this is for you. Well, it is enough if you just like your metal extreme to pick up this album. Anders Ekdahl

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