Beyond The Shore – “Ghostwatcher”

Beyond The Shore – “Ghostwatcher” (Metal Blade Records)

Kentucky metal core crew BTS may not be as frenetic or OTT as their cousins elsewhere, but they sure know how to write some appetizing enough songs on this short but sweet album! Tempering their speed, the band have gone for mid tempo crushing brutality mixed in with some amazing melodies layered on top, finished off by Andrew Loucks throaty but not ugly vocals. There’s also plenty of quiet reflective passages which also use piano for example to add to the dark but somewhat emo atmosphere of songs like ‘Half Lived’, ‘Homewrecker’ and ‘Breathe On Ice’. But what really grabbed me about “Ghostwatcher” were the killer chundering and rebounding guitar riffs just a yankin and crankin at times almost heading into djent territory – it’s one helluva beat I tell ya – enough to ghost you right outta your soul!

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