BILOCATE “Summoning The Bygones”

“Summoning The Bygones”
I might contradict myself when I say that your geographic origin doesn’t matter seeing as I’ve countless times have told you that I have a fondness for certain geographic areas. But it really doesn’t matter where you come from as long as the music is good. Unless you come from the Middle East. That is really a blank spot on the metal map. Most of these guys have to fight for their life to be able to play metal. I have no idea what the regime in Jordan feels about metal but Bilocate is my first Jordanian metal band. That they’ve ended up on Code666 should be a guarantee for quality. This is black metal that leans on the more atmospheric side of things. No full on blast here. But that doesn’t make it bad or even uninteresting. There is an air of mysticism to this that sets it apart enough to warrant an interest. Good stuff indeed. Anders Ekdahl

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