Binah – “Phobiate”

Binah – “Phobiate” (Osmose Productions) 

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Ah, the return of Binah! Spewing out’ve some gutter back in 2012, this ugly Brit trio spawned forth some gruesome black / death metal before being allowed to fester on the shores of Swe-deth. Since then, very little was heard from this already little known band, other than a miserable offering in the form of an EP in 2014. Now, summoning the powers of whatever vile deity they pay homage to, Binah return with their 2nd album, with 10 tracks of equally filthy and cacophonous dementia. If you’re into the old school  sound of early Dismember, early Entombed and Nominon, basking in the blood red glory of visceral, bone biting guitar played with massive amounts of dirty reverb and shredding twisted melodies, then the slide to oblivion should be easy as the addition of heavy distorted bass, pulverising drumming and bear roaring vocals take you to the other side on “Phobiate”. Blasting in on ‘Waves Of Defacement’ the rawness is so intense it will literally tear your face off as Ilia R. G. has to slide across the fretboard to deliver his breaks ahead of the speeding noise while on ‘Transmissions From Beneath’ the tranquil intro belies the crashing distortion that goes off like No 4 reactor at Chernobyl while the build up of twisted melodies alongside some precision double bass drumming speeds up slowly to consume everything in its final holocaust. Interestingly, the trio also issue some longer tracks and on the 6 minute ‘Exit Daze’ the reverb reaches swamp thickness amid some hallucinogenic chanting and wailing guitars before A Carrier’s double bass drums and hammering cymbals come in to carry this behemoth of a track into huge, psych out proportions. Slightly more lengthy, but somewhat more saner is ‘Bleaching’ that while featuring the trademark style is a plodding grindcrusher featuring warbling doom breaks from Aort as well as dark melodies while Ilia R. G.’s vocals are utterly predatory as this beast of a number stalks you menacingly both physically and mentally. While in the main confined to the studio, Binah’s return is still both a long awaited triumph as well as a bold reminder of why darkness induced by Boss HM-2 should still be worshipped.

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