BINGO “Ett grindslagsmål i 2 delar”

“Ett grindslagsmål I 2 delar”
(Discouraged Records)
I really tried to get into Swedish HC and grind in the 80s and for most of the time I got it but almost as often it just went right over my head. BINGO from northern Sweden might prove me wrong and really get me turned on to grind. Or not. First of all you gotta be able to stand a bit of chaos, or a lot of chaos if you’re gonna like grind. I might be too uptight for the chaos that comes out of my speakers. But at the same time a bit of chaos doesn’t hurt every now and then. With no kind of reference to grind I have no idea what this might sound like. I want to mention bands like Agathocles or Fear Of God because that is the closest I come to grind In my memory bank but that might be bands too old for anybody to remember them. Not a grand aficionado of any rank I like this. Anders Ekdahl

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