Biohazard – “Reborn In Defiance”

Biohazard – “Reborn In Defiance” (Nuclear Blast)

Tales from the hardside!!! Yeah, Brooklyn’s finest return with this reunion album and it’s just da bomb that only messrs Hambel, Seinfeld, Schuler and Graziadei could produce! Man, a lot has happened to Biohazard over the years but I’m really pleased that “Reborn In Defiance” not only shows they’ve still got heaps of ‘muthafucka’ attitude but is a worthy successor to classic albums like “Urban Discipline” and “State Of The World Address” that arguably made the band. Dedicated to fellow Brooklyn bro Pete Steele (RIP) songs like ‘Vengeance Is Mine’, ‘Decay’ and ‘Come Alive’ all have that classic sound of Evan’s hoarse voice (sounds like porno hasn’t made the man any happier LOL – Ed) with Billy’s shouting voice overlaying as it did before, Danny’s smashing da drums like he’s taking apart someone’s face in a Jiu Jitsu fight and Bobby is still that dancing, street skanking dude with that mean guitar that makes you just wanna jump muthfucka, jump! With Evan already splitting it’s difficult to say whassup when it comes to Biohazard, but whether its their final album or not (and I sure hope it ain’t) “Reborn In Defiance” commands only one word: RESPECT!

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