Birth AD – “I Blame You”

Birth AD – “I Blame You” (Unspeakable Axe Records)

Crossover thrash assault from Austin, Texas! This one takes us right back to the days of DRI, SOD and Wehrmacht when punk stood beside metal, seething with social injustice but reveling in the blurring mayhem that these insane bands created. Full of punk as fuck attitude to match their speed core riffs and even faster drumming, Birth AD continue that tradition in fine style as Jeff Tandy yells his cynical rhymes to 18 riotous tracks like ‘Burn LA’, ‘Failed State’ and ‘Kill Everybody’. Aided and abetted by Mark Perry and Brian Morrison who yell even more and make up the rest of this apocalyptic trio, Birth AD don’t just vent their social angst on “I Blame You”, but actually pour on more gasoline without giving a fuck. Very angry people indeed.

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