Bison BC – “Lovelessness”

Bison BC – “Lovelessness” (Metal Blade)

Wow – I know the last time we met, frontman James Farwell said he was gonna make the next Bison opus more punk – and he wasn’t kidding! “Lovelessness” is definitely this Canuk crew’s most raw, punk’d up album compared to their previous doom laden slabs of ultra heaviness. Still unmitigatingly noisy like their pet Stokesosaurus, the key to songs like ‘Blood Music’ and ‘Finally Asleep’ are the intense, reverb laden riffs that resonate for ages round your skull crushed mind as the rest of the rhythm lays in with equal ferocity! I guess the rawness comes from Jame’s own loss of his dog succumbing to cancer (the tumor is on the cover! Ed) and dedicating the opening track ‘An Old Friend’ to him, as well as losing his girlfriend and some other friends. All in all a pretty down year, the result of which is that this is also the first album that James wrote by himself, opting to record in Chicago outside of his native Canada. With a hectic schedule you can literally feel the isolation and craziness creeping in as the band go up the walls on this highly charged album – “Lovelessness” is everything that is in the grim title!

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