BLACK BLOOD INVOCATION ”Black Blood Invocation”

”Black Blood Invocation”
(Deathrune Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I have no preferred place for my metal to come from. Yet there are places that seem to be more recurrent than others. Greece is one of these places. Italy is another. BLACK BLOOD INVOCATION are a Greek black/death metal band that are being introduced to me with this their debut demo. This is to my ears very typical Greek. It is not hyper speed blasts, it is not trying to be the most evil (well it might be) and it is not total noise. This is to my ears much more death than black metal but it has that ambience of black-ishness over it. This is the kind of death metal that I have heard a million times yet cannot think of a single band name to drop. But as long as it engage me I am not too hung up on name dropping. This turned out cool. Anders Ekdahl

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