BLACK CROW KING “To Pay The Debt Of Nature”

“To Pay The Debt Of Nature”
(BadGod Records)
You can say whatever you like about Wolves In The Throne Room and their organic take on black metal. You might think that American black metal is an oxymoron. You might even be of the opinion that all these bands that pop up from out of the North-western forests should crawl back under the stones they came from. That you are free to feel. I on the other hand welcome the explosion of USBM that we’ve seen lately. Anything that challenges the traditional setting gets the thumps up from me. Black Crow King would very much like to not be lumped together with any other band, or at least that is the feeling I get from listening to “To Pay The Debt Of Nature”. There is a meditative side to the band, even though it is meditation with razor blades, that is a bit challenging at first. You need to get your head straight to fully appreciate the opening 8 minutes. Otherwise you’ll just shut it off and continue on to the more easy-listening black metal albums in your collection. I found myself liking this more than I thought at first. I like the meditative chaos that Black Crow King creates. Some might even go as far as calling this crap. I say that this is interesting. Anders Ekdahl

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