BLACK CROWN ”Caverns Of Thantifaxath”

”Caverns Of Thantifaxath”
(Satanath Records)

Battle Helm Rating

US black metal is an ever debated entity. Some don’t like it at all because it isn’t true enough. Some don’t like it because they think it all sucks. Some do like it. I lean more towards the latter. I like some USBM. So to write off a whole scene based on geography I won’t do. This one isn’t too bad. It took some getting used to it to fully embrace it but once accustomed to it I found myself digging along to it. There is a charm to this that I like. Musically it is raw, mid tempo black metal. There is a groove that I like. The riffing is very satisfying. Perhaps not my new all time fave USBM album but still a nice one worth having. Anders Ekdahl

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