BLACK CULT “Nekropola”

(Grimm Distribution)

Battle Helm Rating

I really, really liked the previous BLACK CULT album. That one really impressed me. I hope that this one to will do so. I could do with a really nice slab of extreme metal, preferably of the black kind. Maybe I should have played my previous encounter with BLACK CULT first so that I could compare the two and not just go on my memory of it. Because this wasn’t really what I remembered it to be. I thought I would get a full on attack that left me short of breathe. Instead I get an album with songs that feel like they are dragging a giant anchor down a small alleyway. After the initial disappointment subsided I could start to enjoy this album. And it isn’t a bad album. It is at times brutal. But I cannot help feeling that there are shackles that won’t let it rip the hole in me I expected. I feel something is missing. Anders Ekdahl

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