“Har Nevo”
(Smoke & Dust/Adagio-830)
Back in the 80s I was quite into the Belgian hardcore scene but somehow I lost touch with that one too, as with so many other scenes. THE BLACK HEART REBELLION might have sprung from the Belgian hardcore scene but I doubt it very much that there are too many traces of that scene in their sound today. Knowing that they have transgressed and transformed I can’t wait to hear this album. I’m not a big fan of the word post but if it were ever to be used then this is the time. This is post-everything. You might not hear that many traces of hardcore in the music today but you still know that it lingers like a wet blanket over it. I also get a feeling of German art house scholars (or something similarly pretentious) in the sound of BLACK HEART REBELLION. This is as far away from easy listening as you’ll get. But at the same time this is so easy to listen to that you find yourself having sat through the whole album and just wanting to play it again. Don’t know what these Belgians take with their coffee but they sure do it well. Anders Ekdahl

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