BLACK LILIUM “Dead man’s Diary”

“Dead man’s Diary”

Battle Helm Rating

This is a new band to me. But somehow, I get the impression that I am gonna like this album much more than I expected I would. Not everything has to be full on metal for me to enjoy it, although it doesn’t hurt. It is with a certain feel of expectation that I take this one on. And from the very first note I knew that this was gonna be to my liking. I have a melodic stream in me that gets turned on whenever I hear a song with a distinct melodic sensibility. This might be melodic but there is a melancholic feeling to this, almost a gothic one, that makes me like this even more. There is a Swedish band called Smash Into Pieces that also play this sort of pop-ish hard rock. There is a feel of despair over this that I like. It adds an edge to it. Not making it too bland and boring. This one really impressed me. Anders Ekdahl

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