Black Market Serotonin – “Something For Nothing”

Black Market Serotonin – “Something For Nothing” (Superstar Destroyer Records)

The city of Manchester in England has a long association with alternative and psychedelic rock. Latest in that trend come the sleep craving insomniacs known as Black Market Serotonin, who were born in a physics lab and bear all the hallmarks of too many long research nights and not enough partying. Mood driven, this nerdy trio mix the brooding rock of The Smashing Pumpkins with moments of intensity a la Porcupine Tree on songs like ‘Deadbyfiveoclock’, ‘Irons In The Fire’ and the highly ambitious 5 part title track that also incorporates Floydian prog and ambient passages with delicate piano work. Centered around Andrew Pimblott’s throat strained vocals and the deep, powerful melodies he produces from his guitars and keyboards, Black Market Serotonin should be the prescribed solution to the emotionally repressed seeking solace in the 21st century.

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