Black Messiah – “The Final Journey”

Black Messiah – “The Final Journey” (AFM Records)

‘..From Black/Death to Thrash/Power to Folk Metal, we´re mixing up any metallic style that fits to create our own sound, Black Messiah style!..’ Yeah, no kidding, if I had to sum up the bands near 20 year history – during which time they’ve only released 4 prior albums – then I’d agree with the band’s statement that it has made a number of transitions over the years. On this album they venture into pirate metal with the liberal use of the fiddle and some nice knees up jolly’s like ‘Der Ring Mit Dem Kreuz’ with vocalist Zagan sounding like a pissed up (German) Davy Jones LOL. However, on other tracks like ‘Lindisfarne’ the band turn up the black metal influences while on ‘Feld Der Ehre’ they go for a softer symphonic approach. The epic 4 track closer ‘The Naglfar Saga’ pretty much covers all the band’s different styles and whilst I wouldn’t give them any points for originality, in their 20 years they’ve definitely learnt how to combine and piece the different metal genres into some interesting compositions, boldly daring even a violin power metal cover of Candlemass’s ‘Into The Unfathomed Tower’ – what balls LOL!

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