BLACK OATH “Ov Qliphoth And Darkness”

“Ov Qliphoth And Darkness”
(I Hate)
I get a doom vibe from the name alone. I have no idea how true it will turn out to be but based on what label it is that is releasing this we can at least expect it to be heavy. There is something to the band name that seems vaguely familiar. I can’t put my finger on what it is yet but I guess time will tell if I’ll be able to figure it out. In the meantime I’ll stick to the music. I love doom metal. Have done so ever since Candlemass debut album in the 80s. I could live on doom alone for a long time. Unfortunately doom albums don’t come along that often but when they do they seem to come in pairs of plenty. BLACK OATH have an early Trouble feel to their doom. There is a loose 70s feel to the music. I love early Trouble. I still haven’t figured out why they seemed so familiar to me but that is not so important. I’ll just settle for some good doom metal. Anders Ekdahl

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