BLACK SITES “In Monochrome”

“In Monochrome”

Battle Helm Rating

I just thought that Mark Sugar was somebody that we in the know knew of but apparently Trials was way more acknowledged than what I knew. I’ve reviewed two of their three albums and I’ve always liked what that band did. But that was then. This is now. Where Trials was more on the extreme side this new project/band from Sugar is much more mainstream so to speak. And nothing bad about that when it is done as well as this is. There are still nods to the extreme side that was Trials on this album. And that is what I like about it. It isn’t too polished. It mixes the melodic with bursts of thrash in a very nice way. At worst I find myself being bored by this kind of mix but this album has not that tendency. But this is far from being boring in a way. A really cool album. Anders Ekdahl

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