Black Space Riders – “Amoretum Vol. 1”

Black Space Riders – “Amoretum Vol. 1” (Black Space Records)

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If you’re a fan of massive walls of guitar in whatever guise be it heavy or melodic, then look no further than these space cowboys! Certified members of the ‘New Wave of Heavy Psychedelic Spacerock’, the band features 2 guitarists, 2 bassists, 2 keyboardists and 2 vocalists – some of whom are in multiple instrumental capacities – but together producing one incredible sound. While other orchestral bands may delve into abyssal noise darkness or produce mind bending trance dimensional rock, the Black Space Riders stick to their planetary core of rock, while drawing in psychedelic, hypnotic and post punk melodies and harmonies into their energetic and highly catchy material. Despite its title, “Amoretum Vol. 1” is in fact the band’s 5th album, and is 45 minutes of blissful metallic clanging melodies, post punk soloing, heavy pumped stoner rock riffing, occasional blast beating and baritone vocals as originally prescribed by Pete Murphy of Bauhaus. Completed by clever and almost dance able beats and rhythms both electronic and string driven the Black Space Riders have all the hooks and lures to warrant a ‘danger’ level on their instantly addictive music – put it this way, I’d never heard of these guys before and I’m now on my 4th consecutive listen of this amazing album! From the exotic eastern melodies on ‘Come And Follow’ blending superbly with the heavy basses in karmic and rhythmic harmony before exploding almost RATM style with rapped hardcore vocals, to the suave technical percussive brilliance of ‘Friends Are Falling’ with its building momentum in heaviness alongside mandolin like melodies, you might be as awed and simultaneously elated as I was. If that all wasn’t enough then the super nova of ‘Another Sort Of Homecoming’ with its funky sync rhythms and brilliant guitar melodies going into a rolling groove so powerful it could’ve taken me happily into the next universe finished me off for sure. Without a doubt the Black Space Riders are an amazing band and this excellent release attests to that judging by the giant smile on my face!

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