Black Star Riders – “All Hell Breaks Loose”

Black Star Riders – “All Hell Breaks Loose” (Nuclear Blast)

Thin Lizzy lives! If Phil Lynott were still alive this is the album he woulda recorded. Sadly his family and a fair amount of fans were against any new material being recorded under the Thin Lizzy name – so enter the Black Star Riders! Made up of Lizzy’s last touring line up of Scott Gorham, Ricky Warwick and Marco Mendoza and new guitarist Damon Johnson (Alice Cooper) and veteran drummer Jimmy DeGrasso (Megadeth, Dave Lee Roth, Suicidal Tendencies) this takes Lizzy into the next evolution. It’s also a major signing for label Nuclear Blast, one of metal’s biggest labels, to now also move into classic rock acceptance cos Black Star Riders fires on all cylinders! Ricky Warwick has honed his vocals in Lynott’s classic style of just the right bit of cheeky sass, while Scott Gorham’s guitar is the defining sound of the band as it was all these years. But it’s the songs man, the songs on “All Hell Breaks Loose” that have me really excited – it’s just classic Thin Lizzy all the way on ‘Bound For Glory’, the Celtic ‘Kingdom Of The Lost’ and the epic ‘Blues Ain’t So Bad’ that takes me right back to the 70s, resonating the spirit of Lynott and Irish rock in general. I won’t argue with family wishes but “All Hell Breaks Loose” is deservedly Thin Lizzy in everything but name. But more importantly, the Black Star Riders are now firmly set to bring back classic rock in general back into the mainstream – Phil must be smiling.

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