Black Trip – “Goin´ Under”

black trip

Black Trip – “Goin´ Under” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Black Trip is the super group made up of Enforcer and ex Nifelheim members who play NWOBHM inspired heavy metal! Actually conceived in 2003 it took the best part of 11 years before the project was fully realized owing to the members’ other commitments. Finally the whole band got back together and it’s certainly a marked change from the speed metal of Enforcer not to mention Nifelheim‘s screaming black metal frenzy, right down to those classic 80s headbanger looks – man, that’s how I used to look ha ha! Musically, the band have sought to create the equivalent in songs that could’ve been released during that era and listening to the likes of ‘No Tomorrow’, ‘Going Under’ and ‘Voodoo Queen’ they’ve taken inspiration from the late 70s hard rock of Thin Lizzy as well as heaps of early Maiden, with loads of flowing dextrous guitar work incorporating plenty of melodies, twin guitar galloping riffola and plenty of far out soloing. Enforcer’s Joesph Tholl provides the right kind of NWOBHM accredited soulfully highish vocals and the production is authentic too, being a tad muffled making the material indeed sound as if over 3 decades old! Definitely retro worthy, as well as the novelty of being played by guys normally screaming for satan with fire n blood, Black Trip is certainly worth a listen and especially for those into the NWOBHM.

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