BLACKFINGER “When Colors Fade Away”

“When Colors Fade Away”
(M-Theory Audio)

Battle Helm Rating

To say that this is the new Trouble is to say too much. Because nobody can be the new Trouble. But this band does feature Eric Wagner, the Trouble vocalist. And this is doom. And bloody brilliant too. I really liked BLACKFINGER’s debut album from way back and this new one is no different. If you like Trouble as they sounded on that self titled Rick Rubin produced album you might not like this but if you liked the previous three then this will be right up your alley. Because this is just as heavy as those three albums were. And since I am a huge fan of doom and Trouble this is like heaven to me. So stop bothering me, go out and buy a copy for yourself and leave me with my copy. Anders Ekdahl

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