Blackout – “The Horse”

Blackout – “The Horse” (RidingEasy Records)

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With its legacy of great n diverse bands formed from its dark underbelly, Brooklyn has sired yet another bastard child in the form of the comparatively straight named Blackout. Musically though, its anything but that! From whatever flea pit tenement he crawled out’ve, vocalist/guitarist Christian Gordy sure stirred something monstrous and rotten in this band, a veritable melting pot reflective of his festering borough, stinking of crust doom psych along with some Melvins spaz outs on what is amazingly, the band’s 3rd release, so god knows how they keep it together long enough to record, let alone survive between albums! With down tuned droning guitars churning out the scourge of Tony Iommi’s underpants, long lost in the desert (and without hope) wailing vocals along with some primeval shrieks, MTA rumbling bass that would have a 1,000 rats-a-runnin’ and Godzilla crushing plod drums, the 8 tracks here are not for the faint hearted – just check out ‘Roach Bites’, ‘Amnesia’ and ‘Graves’ and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Just don’t try to work it out otherwise you’ll be lost in the droning feedback of distorted doom riffola, trippy psych loops and slum house sound that makes punk DIY seemingly posh! “The Horse” is a maelstrom of doom, darkness and depravity that should come with a city health warning.

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