BLACKSMITH ”Gipsy Queen – The Early Years 83-86”

”Gipsy Queen – The Early Years 83-86”
(No Remorse)

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For some reason I remember this band’s album from 1999 that they released on Massacre Records. I don’t know why but I do. I don’t think I got it in my collection, so I don’t know why I remember it. This album is a collection of their 1985 EP and 1986 single along with three rehearsal tracks. I do know that I don’t remember these recordings from the 80s. BLACKSMITH was one of the earliest Swedish heavy metal bands. Part of the FWOSHM that arose in the early 80s. Listening to this today you hear what an influence a band like Rainbow had on them but also Deep Purple along with the NWOBHM bands that was starting to come more and more back then. The songs have stood the test of time, but the production hasn’t. I like what I hear even though it is quite obvious were the they are coming from. This is a must have for anybody into old school heavy metal, and I mean old school as in older than time itself. Anders Ekdahl

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