Blackwater – “Blackwater”


Blackwater – “Blackwater” (The Path Less Traveled Records)

Blackwater hail from Illinois with its proud tradition of doom especially in Trouble, so it comes as no surprise that doom meister vocalist Eric Wagner (Trouble, Dave Grohl’s Probot, the Skull, Blackfinger, L.I.D.) is producing this debut! Formed at the turn of the century but taking almost a decade to solidify a heavy enough line-up, Blackwater needless to say take their inspiration heavily from Trouble during their 90s Def American era, but are also mature enough to have influences going back to 80s heavy metal and even 70s heavy rock so little wonder they’ve chosen to cover Priest’s ‘Deceiver’! Despite the obvious comparisons Blackwater’s own material is strong enough to appeal to those from those eras who can appreciate the authentically heavy but unpretentious guitars of Shayson V. Clay and Todd Phoenix, slow n meandering, but still with a well recognizable enough groove when they choose to crunch a little faster! Alongside Mitchell Barnes wailing but soulful vocals the rhythm provides a respectable enough backing on songs like ‘Bone Crusher’ and ‘Opposite Sides Of Glass’. Clearly in no rush, Blackwater’s approach is not just about churning out songs, but doing ’em right and this respectable debut adds to their credit.

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