“High Risk”
(M-Theory Audio)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not a nostalgic guy. I live in the present and think very little of the past. Unless it comes to music. I often find myself remembering this and that band from the 80s and that makes me wonder if I am another old crusty metalhead that can’t let go of the past. But in all fairness it was the 80s that shaped my taste in music and even though the 90s, 00s and 10s has brought with it a hell of a load of great music my frames of references are still back in the 80s. So when a band like US BLADE KILLER comes along with their clearly NWOBHM inspired metal all I can think of is my old heroes from the 80s. But the truth be told that is more of a mind ghost than it is an actual fact. Sure, BLADE KILLER are another band in the New Wave Of Old School Heavy Metal that sweeps the planet right now but that is not a bad thing. We cannot get too much cool metal streaming the world. And this is good. Make no mistake of that. You don’t have to be old like me to realize that this is one hell of a heavy metal album. just listen to it and you’ll realize that heavy metal is timeless. Anders Ekdahl

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