BLASPHEMIST “Shadowtorned World”

“Shadowtorned World”
(Noisehead Records)
I have no concept of time passed. Yesterday seem just as far away as last week, last month or last year. So when I hear that this or that was a big hit two years ago it still feels like it happened last week to me. So whenever I hear a new melodeath band that isn’t Swedish it feels new and fresh to me and not like last year’s socks. Blasphemist tickles fancies with me that are pretty basic having grown up with the whole Gothenburg melodeath scene. That they are from Central Europe is of no importance really. That it isn’t that original is of no greater importance either. Great metal isn’t limited by geography. And great this is in all its unoriginality. Make a list of what you find great with melodeath and Blasphemist have them all. And that is why I like this. It’s like a smorgasbord of all the delicacies that makes life worth living. Cool!!! Anders Ekdahl

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