BLASPHEMY ”Blood Upon the Altar”

”Blood Upon the Altar”
(Nuclear War Now! Productions / Ross Bay Cult)

Battle Helm Rating

You can say whatever you like about BLASPHEMY. That they suck elephants ass or that they are posers or whatever but you cannot deny the impact they have had on the extreme metal scene over the years. I am ambivalent towards them. I recognize their influence but I am not always too impressed with their recordings. This is a rerelease of their debut demo. Recorded on a budget of $800 this is a true testament to the what BLASPHEMY was all about. Heavily influenced by stuff like Bathory and Sodom this is crude and basic black metal. But it is also so bloody good. Releasing this again is a great deed. This should not be kept in some cup board in some dark and damp cellar. This is for us to enjoy over and over and over again. Anders Ekdahl

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