BLASPHEMY ”Victory (Son Of The Damned)” ”Live Ritual – Friday the 13th”

”Victory (Son Of The Damned)”
”Live Ritual – Friday the 13th”
(Nuclear War Now! Productions)

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I don’t regret too many things but I do regret that I didn’t realize how important Canadian BLASPHEMY were to be. I used to own their debut album ”Fallen Angel Of Doom” from 1990. I even think it came on red vinyl. But back then I thought that they were the worst kind of noise that I had ever heard. Now I realize what it was that they were trying to create. If you are totally unaware of what BLAPHEMY are all about I can tell you that this is chaos put to black metal. For the untrained ear this is just pure noise. But if you really listen to it you will realize that there is some sort of substance to it. These two releases capture that rare occasions when BLASPHEMY has taken to the stage to perform their brand of chaos. This is a part of black metal history that now has been saved for posterity. Anders Ekdahl

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