BLASPMAGOATACHRIST “Bastardizing the Purity”

“Bastardizing the Purity”
(Nuclear War Now)

Battle Helm Rating

This has to be one of the greatest band names ever. Hard as fuck to pronounce properly yet it says all you need to know about the music. This is gonna be some motherfucking primitive as hell black metal noise of the greatest kind. If, I am gonna be majorly disappointed. With members from Goatpenis, Antichrist and the mighty Blasphemy this is a sort of underground supergroup. I am not at all familiar with Goatpenis and Antichrist but I have heard Blasphemy, and a lot of Blasphemy. If you like you black metal raw, primal and rudimentary then this is the stuff for you. I know that I find this highly entertaining and it gives me enormous joy listening to this. you come home from a piss day at work, put this one on and all of your anger will be cleansed. This is in my book some of the best anger management therapy in the world. Anders Ekdahl

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