Blaze Bayley – “The Redemption of William Black”

Blaze Bayley – “The Redemption of William Black” (Blaze Bayley Recording) 

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Completing the album trilogy he started 3 years ago comes the final instalment to “Infinite Entanglement” in the form of the highly respectable “The Redemption of William Black”. Still regarded as something of an English legend what with his time in Wolfsbane, his solo bands and not in the least Iron Maiden, Bayley has found a fine backing band in the members of Absolva, also an British metal band, and together they have forged 11 tracks of undisputed British metal in all its glory! In his mid 50s, Blaze is still graced with his voice and it shines no better here, along with his bulldog pride resonating throughout the powerful but passionate material here. Sound wise drawing from his past in Wolfsbane, Maiden and also Manowar, it’s clear that the album has been well composed, along with the added treats of guest vocals by Chris Jericho (Fozzy) and Luke Appleton (Iced Earth). From the sharp riffing ‘Prayers Of Light’ with its highly catchy melodies and blinding singalong chorus, Blaze’s voice sings and soars stirringly as it would live, where he still makes his presence felt at the summer festivals like Hammerfest in UK, Dong Festival in Germany and Sabaton Open Air in Sweden, along with being voted by Sweden Rock magazine as one of its all time greatest singers! Even more moving is ’18 Days’ with its instantly hooking medieval / folky melody enhanced by the moving guitar work from Chris Appleton (who also co produced the album with Blaze) and some stylish female backing vocals that all together bring this excellent song to emotional climax. Flexing his epic tones on ‘The First True Sign’, it’s another strong case of unifying catchy guitar power melodies and chugging riffs with Blaze’s almighty voice resonating soul through and through on yet another stirring piece. An excellent album that is both musclebound while being hugely catchy, Blaze Bayley has made something to be proud of and befitting his still tremendous legacy.

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